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Aorah debuts at Lagos Fashion Week 2022

Aorah recently debuted at the 4th edition of the Green Access program launched by the Lagos Fashion Week 2022. Our mini collection, “Ogbanaonwe a” meaning “it designs itself”, emerged as a finalist after surviving a rigorous selection process. It was an honour to have our designs showcased at the Lagos Fashion Week 2022.

Ogbanaonwe a – The Collection of Love

The inspiration for this mini collection came from the Akwete design; which it was named after. Every one of the clothing items showcased was handwoven by women who worked tirelessly to bring those designs to life. Thus, it wouldn’t be wrong to call it the collection of love considering all the love, time, and effort countless women put into weaving these clothes with their own hands.

Green Access - 4th Edition

Green Access is an environment-friendly talent discovery program that aims to encourage fashion designers to adopt an environment-friendly and sustainable approach to fashion design. The 4th edition of this program, a 5-day event, was organized by the collaboration and tireless efforts of BESTSELLER Foundation (BSF), Style House Files, and Lagos Fashion Week 2022.

Aorah is incredibly grateful to be a part of the ten finalists selected from a vast pool of applicants based on certain factors including sustainability, efficiency, biodegradability, and recyclability of their designed products.

Final Word

This, for us, was the first step on the long road of providing women across the continent with sustainable and ethical clothing designs that resonate with their cultural and individual identities and preferences. We will continue to play our role in empowering, nurturing, and encouraging Nigerian women to learn and discover their hidden talents. This is what we stand for.

The collection is now available to order here

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